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From my time living on the Big Island of Hawaii comes this close-up of an Ahi Eye (Yellowfin Tuna).

The iris is particularly detailed with multiple colors and textures. There is a clear glass 'cornea' overlying the iris and pupil to accentuate its realism and depth.

This is a one-of-a-kind wall or display piece which shares in the theme with its sister piece Ahi Eye #2 (AE-002). Both works do allow some transmissible light to further brighten the colors. If you need a focal piece in your home, both pieces perform.

'Ahi Eye' (Wall or Display): A close-up of an Ahi Eye (Yellowfin Tuna) captured from my time living on the Big Island of Hawaii. 12-1/4'' x 9-1/4''.

The last image is a layer glass frit of the Ahi Eye prior to kiln fuse.

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