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There are 7 Cervical, 12 Thoracic and 5 Lumbar vertebrae in the human spine. All are outlined here in this dramatic piece of chemically reactive glass.

Smoky blue plumes emanate from the vertebral core in this quirky nod to our human structure.

As noted in the previous piece (SW-001), the chemical reactivity between elements produces the distinctive effects.

A perfect sister piece to (SW-001), this ghost-like anatomy of the human spine could be a perfect work for a practitioner’s office or study.

The best viewing angle is a vertical wall hanging.

Reactive smoky blue plumes radiating from a glass spine. All 24 vertebrae depicted. 21-1/4'' x 5-1/4''.

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SKU: FSF-001
Size: 21-1/4'' x 5-1/4''
Shipping: $40.00
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